Vivacé Signs is a well known signage company in the scenic city of Cape Town, South Africa offering our clients a full service from the designing stage to manufacturing and installation. We are a one stop shop for all your signage requirements.

Our History

We are a family based business. We started in the signage business in 1977, working with other large signage companies in Johannesburg. When we moved to Cape Town we mainly specialised in design and signage municipal applications. With an architectural background and a vast knowledge of project management we found that the quality of our suppliers products was many times lacking and we made the decision to start manufacturing our own signage. By manufacturing ourselves we are able to control the quality and service delivery that our clients know us for.

Our Customers

We have a broad spectrum of clientele that we have dealt with over the years, with many of our clients coming to us repeatedly. Our clients range from large corporates to small/medium business, churches, municipalities, government organisations, sports bodies, body corporates, design houses & media owners (third party), architectural firms, builders & developers and homeowners.


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Vivacé Signs has extensive knowledge in all aspects of the industry. We have an architectural background with many years of project managing experience.

Quality and service is our standard and not our price.

Key Benefits using Vivacé

Being in the industry for so long, we have gained much experience in all aspects of signage, manufacturing and design. We have due to our vast experience learnt what type of signs are suitable for certain sites and can therefore assist our clients in obtaining the absolute best signage for their specific needs.

We also have an architect with engineering knowledge on board and this differentiates us from most sign companies as we can offer our clients a more specialised service. This architectural knowledge assists us in creating custom and unique signs that harmonise with the architecture of the building.

Formula for Successful Signage

We have experience in:

  • Design
  • Colour Co-ordination
  • Layout and Structural design
  • Municipal plans and vast municipal by-law experience of 25 years
  • Signage master plans
  • 1st and 3rd party signage
  • Marketing
  • Store planning and Designing
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